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I like post-apocalyptic things, ghosts, art, and pilots.


Pixels by~ Cae

"Do you want to sleep with me, my dear(f)?"

"Of course!" <- (m)

"Oh my god, RĂ©mi, not again!”

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 #rémi  #rembrant alexandre  #leslie  #myart  #ocs  #rsuihgniufdjn  #I wanted to draw flirty stuff  #my french is very rusty forgive me  #Rémi calls everyone ma belle who cares if they are male
  1. brewcha said: not again like “not again you’re being a flirt” or “not again i already—-” i’m sorry I NEED TO STOP TALKING ^ q ^
  2. clefdesoll said: OH MY GOD HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA
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